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The Challenge

Many of Ultrimax's competitors seemed to be selling well on Amazon, but despite Ultrimax listing their products and creating an Amazon store themselves, sales remained modest compared to their traditional channels.

Ultrimax has been in business since 1973, with well established sales channels and customer relationships with paint shops for its TPS4 (Total Paint Shop Support) solution.

But the way new customers like to purchase these kinds of products has been changing. New competitors were generating high levels of sales on Amazon, leaving Ultrimax needing to find a new way to protect and grow their market share in an online marketplace that was not as familiar to them.

The initial objective was to enhance the Ultrimax brand presence on Amazon with better imagery and optimisation, ensuring their listings were highly visible to prospective new customers looking for those kinds of products on Amazon.

As long as Ultrimax wasn't immediately visible during Amazon searches for its key products, customers would struggle to access and purchase them.



Increased sales
in first 4 months


Reduced cost-per-sale


Increased average
order value


Reduced advertising
cost of sale
from 20% to 9%

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How We Did It

Appear among the top results on Amazon by continually optimising the listings for product based searches.

Now, Ultrimax ranks highly in Amazon searches for their product's names, and for other valuable product related search terms. The increase in the average order value has lessened the strain on the company's logistics.

Andy uses Mr.Prime.com to deliver a complete solution to generate new Amazon sales, and the specialist Amazon agency is 100% accountable for its success.

It developed the Amazon marketing strategy, identifying the best initial opportunity products with the best ROI from over 2,000 products, then establishing a process to optimise and promote each product over time, working through the list in a systemised way to achieve consistent growth.

Its solution includes creating and managing highly optimised product listings including imagery, A+ content, targeted keywords within product descriptions, and optimising Amazon Pay-per-click advertising to yield a higher ROI and to drive sales to previously unfound products.

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