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The Challenge

Many of Not Nice Things’ competitors were selling well on Amazon, but despite listing their products and creating an Amazon store themselves, sales remained modest compared to their more established website.

The greetings cards category is very competitive, with low margins and high volume. The company had listed their products and created an Amazon store themselves, but although they were well established on their own independent website, Amazon sales remained modest compared to other card sellers due to the lack of a more developed Amazon marketing strategy.

We identified that the initial listings lacked the visual aspects and higher quality required of a more successful listing, which was negatively impacting the exposure and ranking of the listings .In addition, the initial PPC campaigns were not successful at improving the organic ranking or creating significant sales, with an ACOS that was too high to maintain or see any ROI from.



Reduced Advertising
Cost of Sale (ACOS)


Reduced cost-per-sale


Increased impressions


Increased customer

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How We Did It

Now, Not Nice Things ranks higher in Amazon searches and sees more organic exposure, which increases organic sales and conversion rates. The more developed PPC strategy also consistently strengthens the organic rankings too.

Our first goal was to quickly establish a strong foothold in the market to be in a prime position to maximize Christmas season sales. To achieve this, we implemented various advanced ranking strategies and a more advanced PPC strategy.

To improve the brand credibility, we created a universal design theme for their listings to better display the qualities and uniqueness of the products. This was applied to all photos and A + Content, providing a more pleasant and professional visual appearance and improved shopping experience, and the brand credibility.

Content was further optimized with more features and selling points, and keywords were added to gain more exposure and answer customer questions before they needed to ask them, which further improved conversion rate.

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