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Company History

House of Display, a top-rated supplier and retailer of premium display hardware including snap frames, pavement signs and white boards, which are designed for a wide range of sectors and industries.

The Challenge

House of Display was launched in 2022 as a new Amazon brand.

They had already identified Amazon as being opportune in offering a direct route to market, selling to end customers directly.

The initial objective was to develop and launch the new brand and products on Amazon, ensuring the listings were highly visible to prospective new customers looking for those kinds of products.
After completing the brand registry and trademarks, we designed a branded Amazon Store, created highly optimised listings for the first 60 products, and launched them aggressively using PPC.


1.17 million

Increased impressions
(number of times a listing
was viewed) from 74k in month
1 to 1.17 million in month 4

Page 1

Ranked on Page 1 (position 2)
for the main keyword
for one of the products


increase in conversion rate
(month 1 versus month 4)

3.5 RoAS

Launched Amazon PPC
campaigns with an initial
3.5 RoAS (Return on
Ad Spend) in month 1


Increased RoAS
in the first 3 months

The Solution

Appear among the top results on Amazon by continually optimising the listings for product based searches.

Now, House of Display ranks highly in Amazon searches for their product’s names, and for other valuable product related search terms..

Chloe uses Mr.Prime.com to deliver a complete solution to generate new Amazon sales, and the specialist Amazon agency is 100% accountable for its success.

To develop the Amazon strategy, MrPrime.com started with in-depth market analysis, understanding the customer archetypes and the competition.

We then developed, optimised and launched over 100 products at the same time, whilst establishing a process to optimise (using advanced SEO on the front and back ends) and promote each product over time, working through the list in a systemised way to achieve consistent growth.

The solution includes creating and managing highly optimised product listings including thumbnail and main images, product descriptions, video, and A+ content, targeted keywords within product descriptions, and optimising Amazon pay-per-click advertising to yield a higher ROI and to drive sales.

We continue to add 20 new product listings each month, as well as focussing on rankings strategies and PPC management for the existing listings.

“MrPrime.com has been a valuable partner to us in getting us selling on Amazon. Sales have grown month on month as we have become more established. They are knowledgeable on all things Amazon, are proactive, accountable and are good people to work with.”

Chloe Dixon, Owner, House of Display

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