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The Challenge

Freja Svendsen creates minimalist aluminium wallets using a variety of popular and trending designs in the US marketplace. This is a highly competitive market, typically dominated by large and established sellers.

Prior to working with MrPrime.com, Freya Svendsen were experiencing a high ACoS from their advertising with low organic rankings and sales. The goal was to reduce ACoS to a profitable margin, before increasing sales and profits.



Reduced ACoS
within month 1

over 50%

Increased organic sales
in month 1

over 25%

Increased Amazon PPC sales
in 3 months


Reduced cost per sale


Increased conversion rate
on top selling products

The Solution

To identify the most profitable products, we have utilised a system where new designs are uploaded to one central listing. This allows us to identify the designs with the highest conversion rates and sales which means we only send the most popular products into FBA.

As an oversea’s seller this is the most efficient business model for the owner while being a data driven approach to increasing sales.

In an attempt to maximise SEO ranking and PPC results, we have identified the highest converting search terms and utilised these with dedicated PPC campaigns as well as adding them to relevant areas of the listing.

This approach maximises PPC sales as well as boasting the SEO results which will only compound over time'

“It has been a good start working with MrPrime.com this year. Our ACoS has dramatically reduced, and sales have increased with growth looking progressive. Mr.Prime.com are very easy to deal with, good communicators and very transparent on how things work.”

Thierry Berthe, Founder & CEO, Freja Svendsen

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