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Created by Vogue Williams, Bare by Vogue aims to give the ultimate experience in sunless tanning.
The luxuriously rich tanning range is enriched with Super Peptides which help to smooth, plump, firm and improve skin elasticity, all whilst creating a flawless ready to wear colour. The formulas are enriched with Goji Berry, Oatmeal, Chamomile, Pomegranate and Grapefruit which help to promote natural skin health and the ultimate glow.

The Challenge

Prior to working with MrPrime, Bare by Vogue was selling directly to Amazon as a wholesaler via the Vendor Central platform. Stifled by the lack of control of their own brand on Amazon, Bare by Vogue approached MrPrime.com to help with Listing and Image Optimisation, Intellectual Property Management, Brand Registry, and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising so that they could take control of their own sales (and retail prices) on Amazon.



Advertising Cost of Sale
achieved in month 1


Return on
Advertising Spend


impressions in month 1

The Solution

MrPrime.com successfully migrated Bare by Vogue away from the Vendor Central platform, and onto the Seller Central platform, whilst simultaneously managing the Brand Registry process, giving them full control over their own listings, advertising, price points, and stock management, as well as enabling them to take full control of all IP (Intellectual Property) and creative assets.

From a standing start, MrPrime.com has now enabled Bare by Vogue to surpass all expectations and make daily high volume sales with the help of listing optimisations and PPC.

An impressive overall ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) and RoAS (Return On Advertising Spend) coupled with increased organic sales has enabled Bare by Vogue to see some impressive growth on the Amazon Platform.

“The transition from Vendor Central to Seller Central on Amazon proved to be unexpectedly challenging. It was a lengthy and demanding process, filled with potential obstacles. Thankfully, MrPrime.com provided invaluable assistance, enabling us to navigate this difficult transition smoothly. Without their support, we would have likely struggled to make this switch. We are immensely grateful to MrPrime.com for their contributions and look forward to achieving continued growth through our partnership with them.”

Jenni Fenlon, General Manager (Retail Division), National Beauty Distribution

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