Your Click-Through Rate and Conversion Rate
might be suffering due to a poorly optimised Main Image.

This is where we can help: by fixing this issue with the goal of drastically
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We will improve the conversion rate significantly with professional and interesting imagery.

We will improve the organic ranking of the product and therefore the impressions.

In the age of technology, more specifically our smart phones that keep us vehemently connected to the outside world, our attention span is shrinking. According to a Canadian media consumption survey conducted by Microsoft, the average attention span is eight seconds. This number has decreased from twelve seconds in the year 2000. This means that humans now have an attention span that is less than a goldfish! As such, your main image needs to stand out from your competitors - your image needs to grab and retain your customer’s attention! Let us analyse your brand and understand its unique selling point to ensure that your main image highlights it.

The right customer engagement strategies can have a massive effect on your business outcomes. These strategies will result in a better customer experience, higher customer retention rates, and will eventually help you attract more potential customers. A customer engagement strategy is a plan to capture the attention of existing customers and make sure they have the best experience possible when interacting with your brand throughout their journey. We will establish your target demographic and they care about creating a main image that emotionally connects with this demographic which will increase and retain customer engagement.

Brand perception is important. It's the sum of our feelings, attitudes, and experiences with a product or service. Brand perception is what moves the needle for companies, taking a common product and giving it elements that evoke emotional feelings. Every car ad during football season is appealing to a viewer's emotions about the brand. Every skincare ad seeks to sway a consumer's emotions into creating a favorable brand perception. Customers will have an opinion about your product within seconds of coming across it which is why it is essential to showcase a strong brand image through your image. We will highlight your products best selling qualities through this feature. Even for small companies, brand perception is one part of a larger marketing equation. How does your product or service resonate with its target audience, why does it matter, how do consumers feel about your brand, and how can you measure this?

Customer experience is the sum of impressions associated with a brand for a particular customer. It is built over different stages of the customer journey and encompasses all interactions. It may include both positive and negative feelings, incidents, and expectations. Customer experience is strongly linked with such aspects as: convenience, responsiveness, speed, quality, aesthetics, pleasure. Think of buying a quality product via a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website. And, on top of that, receiving it in a timely manner. You are very satisfied with the product. After a while, you write a positive review and the company sends you a thank you for your order message that sounds genuine. You feel that you’ll buy from them again. We will ensure that your listing’s main image looks clean, professional and adheres to Amazon’s selling guidelines to create the best possible experience for your customers.

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