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As you face growing competitors on multiple platforms, a brand name
change may be necessary.

A solid brand presence can boost your company’s recognition and longevity, and help you establish a highly competitive presence.

  • Gain access to brand-building tools if the brand name doesn’t match the brand registry.
  • Change the name for your: A+ Content, Brand Storefronts, Virtual Bundles, Amazon Live & More.
  • Protect your product listing information from other sellers.


  1. When we aren’t successful, we reimburse 50%.
  • £150 for 1 ASIN
  • £700 for 10 ASINs
  • £1,500 up to 30 ASINs

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    Our Amazon Ads team has demonstrated their proficiency in Amazon’s sponsored ads with an emphasis on retail readiness, sponsored ad strategy and campaign optimisation. Our marketing professionals are certified to use Amazon Ads sponsored ads via the advertising console and Seller Central.

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