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Tracking and reducing overspends, and allocating advertising dollars to your highest
performers, will reveal the path to increased profits.

Controlling ACOS, along with reallocating your advertising expenditure, is key to growth and success.

  • Our experts will assess your number of sales -- and your SKUs -- to determine advertising overspending and develop a target advertising budget.
  • We identify the campaigns that will generate the most dollars within that target.
  • Identifying the most relevant keywords is key to this process, to eliminate irrelevant searches.
  • Highly relevant keywords will significantly impact your search ranking, which will help control ACOS.
  • When keywords don’t bring in impressions, sales, or clicks, they must be paused.
  • In our analysis, we will inspect click-through rates to determine those that don’t make the target CTR -- and those that result in no sales.
  • High CPC costs will trash your advertising budget, so we will calculate the correct CPC.
  • Expected conversion rate and the target ACOS will reveal CPC, with higher conversion rate for relevant keywords. Variations will also exist among product categories.


PPC ACOS Reduction: £499

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