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Mistake #4 – Overlooking 3 Key Amazon Metrics (Wholesaler and Manufacturer Mistakes Series)

In the competitive landscape of Amazon selling, wholesalers often juggle numerous tasks to keep their businesses running smoothly. However, in the pursuit of expansion and operational management, many overlook crucial metrics that can significantly impact their success. 

This oversight, especially common among businesses managing hundreds of products, can hinder growth and sales potential. 

Here's a closer look at three key metrics: Buy Box percentage, search-suppressed and inactive listings, and growth opportunities—what they are, why they're often missed, and the steps to rectify these oversights.

Buy Box Percentage: The Gateway to Sales

  • What It Is: The Buy Box is the white box on Amazon product detail pages where customers can begin the purchasing process. The percentage indicates how often your products win the Buy Box.
  • Where to Find It: This metric can be found in the Seller Central account under the Performance tab, then click on "Account Health."
  • Why It's Missed: Wholesalers with extensive catalogs might overlook this metric due to the sheer volume of products they manage. Keeping track of Buy Box percentages for hundreds of SKUs can be daunting.
  • Impact: Winning the Buy Box is crucial for sales on Amazon; products that don’t win the Buy Box are less likely to be sold. A low Buy Box percentage means you're missing out on potential sales.
  • Rectification: To improve your Buy Box percentage, ensure your prices are competitive, maintain high inventory levels, and optimize your shipping performance. Regularly reviewing pricing strategies and operational efficiencies can significantly impact this metric.

Search-Suppressed and Inactive Listings: Hidden From View

  • What It Is: Listings can be suppressed or rendered inactive by Amazon for various reasons, including missing information or not meeting Amazon’s image requirements.
  • Where to Find It: Check for suppressed or inactive listings in Seller Central under the Inventory tab by selecting "Manage Inventory" and looking for any filtered views indicating issues.
  • Why It's Missed: With hundreds of products, wholesalers may not regularly check each listing's status, especially if they assume listings remain active once posted.
  • Impact: Suppressed or inactive listings are not visible to customers, directly leading to lost sales opportunities.
  • Rectification: Regularly review your listings for compliance with Amazon’s requirements. Ensure all listings have complete and accurate information, including compliant images and detailed product descriptions. Utilize the Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report in Seller Central to identify and rectify these issues.

Growth Opportunities: Expanding Your Reach

  • What It Is: Growth opportunities refer to actionable insights provided by Amazon, highlighting areas for potential sales increases, market expansions, or product optimizations.
  • Where to Find It: Accessible through Seller Central, under the "Growth" tab, offering tools like the Opportunity Explorer and Brand Analytics.
  • Why It's Missed: Busy wholesalers may prioritize day-to-day operations over strategic analysis, potentially overlooking these insights due to time constraints or lack of awareness.
  • Impact: Ignoring growth opportunities can result in stagnant sales and missed chances for expansion or optimization in a competitive market.
  • Rectification: Dedicate time to regularly explore and analyze the data and recommendations provided in the Growth section of Seller Central. Implement suggested changes, test new strategies, and monitor their impact to continually adapt and improve your sales approach.


For wholesalers managing extensive product catalogs on Amazon, paying close attention to Buy Box percentage, search-suppressed and inactive listings, and growth opportunities is crucial. These metrics offer invaluable insights into your business's operational health and potential growth areas.

 By actively monitoring and addressing these areas, wholesalers can enhance visibility, increase sales, and capitalize on expansion opportunities, turning overlooked metrics into strategic advantages in the Amazon marketplace.

At MrPrime we monitor these metrics daily for all our clients. These metrics can make or break a business.


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Owner at MrPrime.com Amazon Ranking, Growth and Support Services. Co-owner of LoveReading network the U.K.'s largest book recommendation site. 22 years in eCommerce business. Forbes Business Council member.

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