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Inventory Management: The Hidden Achilles’ Heel for Brands on Amazon

In the competitive arena of Amazon, maintaining optimal inventory levels is not just a logistical concern—it’s a strategic imperative. Brands often underestimate the profound impact that stockouts can have on their operations, not realizing that it is, arguably, the most significant cost they face. This article delves into the multifaceted nature of stockouts, examining their


A Deep Dive into 100 Amazon Experiments by MrPrime

Introduction In the vast and competitive realm of Amazon, standing out requires more than just a good product—it demands a strategy fine-tuned to the nuances of consumer behavior and marketplace dynamics.  MrPrime embarked on an ambitious journey, conducting 100 meticulously designed experiments to uncover the secrets of optimizing Amazon listings. This comprehensive analysis delves into


The Biggest Amazon Launch Mistakes: A Comprehensive Guide by Robert Prime

Navigating the Amazon marketplace can be a formidable endeavor. As Robert Prime from MrPrime.com—an agency intimately familiar with the daily challenges and pitfalls of Amazon selling—I’m here to share critical insights and advice. This guide is designed to help you avoid common mistakes and position your brand for success on Amazon and beyond. 1. Underestimating


Mistake #4 – Overlooking 3 Key Amazon Metrics (Wholesaler and Manufacturer Mistakes Series)

In the competitive landscape of Amazon selling, wholesalers often juggle numerous tasks to keep their businesses running smoothly. However, in the pursuit of expansion and operational management, many overlook crucial metrics that can significantly impact their success.  This oversight, especially common among businesses managing hundreds of products, can hinder growth and sales potential.  Here’s a


Mistake #3 – No Leverage (Wholesaler and Manufacturer Mistakes Series)

Leverage, as defined by the dictionary, is the use of a lever to apply force on an object, metaphorically extending to using something to maximum advantage. In the context of Amazon sales for wholesalers and manufacturers with extensive product catalogs, leveraging means employing strategic actions to amplify results and efficiencies significantly. This guide draws inspiration


Mistake #2 – Mismanaging Amazon’s Platforms and Underutilizing FBA (Wholesaler and Manufacturer Mistakes Series)

In the complex ecosystem of Amazon, one of the most prevalent yet overlooked mistakes I encounter among wholesalers is the mismanagement of the platform’s selling options—specifically, the choice between Vendor Central and Seller Central—and the underutilization of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).  This misstep can significantly hinder a business’s flexibility, profitability, and growth potential on the


Mistake #1 – Overlooking Multi-SKU Profitability on Amazon (Wholesaler and Manufacturer Mistakes Series)

In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, especially on platforms like Amazon, the importance of detailed financial insight cannot be overstated. Despite the wealth of data available, a staggering number of businesses—wholesalers, manufacturers, and multi-SKU sellers alike—operate without a clear understanding of profitability and return on investment (ROI) at the SKU level. From my extensive experience,


How We Made £26,468 p/a With A Single amazon Experiment – Step By Step

MrPrime.com is a 20+ person agency, run by Robert Prime who has 25 years ecommerce and amazon experience. The Goal To use amazon experiments to test the title length of a client’s SKU to see whether a longer more keyword driven title was better in terms of ROI or a shorter, more customer friendly title.


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